The CaPP3 study  (Cancer Prevention Project 3 ) is comparing three doses of aspirin 100, 300 and 600mg to determine if a lower dose works as well as a higher dose in preventing cancer, for people with Lynch syndrome, while minimising the side effects of aspirin. 


The CAPP2  study showed that aspirin (600mg, 2 large tablets)  reduced the risk by over 50% of colorectal cancer, and the number of other cancers, such as cancer of the womb in people with Lynch syndrome.


The CaPP3 study funded by Cancer Research UK, and led by Professor Sir John Burn from Newcastle University, needs to recruit 1500 people in the UK, who have a confirmed genetic diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome.

                 Recruitment Closed
Uterine Protection in Lynch Syndrome Study

It is our hope to be able to use this information to devise more accurate and straightforward ways of diagnosing Lynch syndrome from womb cancers, enabling a move to a universal screening system in the UK. With an earlier diagnosis, more women will be offered potentially life-saving colonoscopy.


The Bolt  Study

We are a team of researchers interested in why womb cancer in people with Lynch syndrome is unique. We hope to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat womb cancer in women with Lynch syndrome.

We also invite men to take the survey as it has questions about LS in general. Please help us in this very important research.


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