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An introduction to Lynch Syndrome with quick and easy to understand facts and figures. This is the best place to start before reading the more technical information on this website

lynch syndrome

Four animated presentations designed to help  children understand about Lynch syndrome in a positive way.

Lynch Syndrome


A much more technical insight into Lynch Syndrome. If you would really like to understand LS and it's genetics then this part of our website is for you. 

lynch syndrome
lynch syndrome

Genetic Testing

Testing is vital to help find Lynch syndrome in familie. Learn what is involved and how it is performed

Lynch Cancers

Your greatest risk from Lynch Syndrome is colorectal cancer. Learn here how to identify red flag signs and symptoms. This section is vital to help reduce your risks

lynch syndrome

Pancreatic cancer in LS isn't common but the risk is still raised above that of the general population. You'll find all the information you need here.


lynch syndrome

Endometrial cancer is another sizeable risk in Lynch syndrome. It's important to understand your risks and options. Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

Skin cancer is also another risk in Lynch syndrome. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms to protect yourself

Muir Torre Syndrome is also covered in this section.

Health Screening

Unfortunately, having Lynch Syndrome will mean regular colonoscopies for life. Here is a detailed account of what you can expect to happen on the day. It's nothing to be afraid of

lynch syndrome

Pill-Cam is a examination of the small bowel which is another risk in Lynch syndrome. Our very own Helen Bufton underwent this procedure and told us what to expect from this relatively rare examination

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