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We recently asked the Surgeon General of the armed forces to clarify whether people who were carriers of Lynch syndrome gene mutations were eligible to join the armed forces. This is the reply.  It does not give a yes/no answer and it appears that everyone in this position would be dealt with on an individual basis. December 2016 LSUK

“Thank you for the attached enquiry of 9 November 2016 requesting clarification on Lynch syndrome and whether this is a bar to joining the Armed Forces.


Joint Service Publication 950 Leaflet 6-7-7 (Joint Service Manual of Medical Fitness) details the influence of particular conditions on the PULHHEEMS assessment for entry into the Armed Forces and during service. Leaflet 6-7-7 does not provide an exhaustive list of conditions and Lynch Syndrome is one such condition that is not specifically mentioned in the leaflet.


Candidates applying to join the Armed Forces are required to complete an initial medical declaration. There is an individual responsibility to provide details regarding various medical conditions, as well as, for conditions where there is a family history.


Candidates with a diagnosed medical condition or where there is a family history of a medical condition that is not listed in the policy (Leaflet 6-7-7), the opinion of the single-Service Occupational Physician responsible for the selection of recruits should be sought.


We trust this advice is helpful and thank you once again for your letter.”




Headquarters of the Surgeon General

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