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Thank you for taking the time to read this document.


My name is Dr Neil Ryan. I am a gynaecologist in Manchester, who has been awarded funding from the Medical Research Council to explore the ways Lynch syndrome causes womb cancer. Specifically, what makes it different from womb cancers that arise in non-Lynch syndrome women? It is our hope to be able to use this information to devise more accurate and straight forward ways of diagnosing Lynch syndrome from womb cancers, enabling a move to a more universal screening system in the UK- that is we hope that one day as many women with womb cancer will be tested for Lynch syndrome as possible. With an earlier diagnosis more women will be offered potentially lifesaving colonoscopy.


We can only do this research if we have womb cancer samples from women with known Lynch syndrome. That is where you come in.


If you have had womb cancer/endometrial cancer and have had a biopsy or hysterectomy we would like your samples.


We do not need any further samples from you. We will use the historical tissue that is stored as a matter of course by the hospital in which you had your surgery.


All we will need you to do is read the patient information sheet attached to end of this document. If you agree to take part in email me on I will ask you to complete a consent form (a copy of which is at after the patient information sheet below) and also give me some details regarding your surgery; namely when and where it took place along with your date of birth.


Thank you again for your anticipated help.


My warmest of regards





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